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The Business Musician Bootcamp *FREE*

Sandra Janke, Opera Singer and Business Mentor for established musicians presents an intense free two days workshop for established musicians. With signing up for this event you will automatically receive my newsletter. No worries, I only send valuable information and you can unsubscribe any time.
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The Business Musician Bootcamp *FREE*

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In these intense 2 days you’ll...


... learn specific and successfully tested ways on how to create profitable income streams as a musician- so you get unstuck in your career and finally decide what you say yes to


... find out about how you can turn your knowledge and skill into something others deeply desire and you absolutely love delivering


.. learn how to market yourself without being pushy or slimy – this also works for you as an artist.

You will walk away with inspiring ideas that will set you apart from your competition and make you free as a bird – so you finally be the musician on your terms.

  • The Business Musician Bootcamp

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